Dr. Chuck Carr Brown, Secretary  Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

Dr. Chuck Carr Brown, Secretary

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

As secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Dr. Chuck Carr Brown is responsible for facilitating the department’s mission of providingservice to the people of Louisiana through a comprehensive environmental protection policy. Integral to that mission is the promotion and protection of health, safety and public welfare. Any agency policy decisions should be informed by consideration of sound policies regarding employment and economic development. Brown wants to impart the public with a vision of LDEQ as a respected steward of the state’s environment. 

Dr. Brown subscribes to a philosophy he developed called E.E.A.T. (Environmental Education, Access to decision makers, and Trust in the decisions that are made). Those tenets have provided a solid foundation for meeting environment challenges during his first year as LDEQ secretary. 

And the challenges were many. A tornado outbreak in February 2016 and floods in March of that year led to emergency declarations. Only a couple of months into office, Brown had to oversee not only emergency response efforts, but subsequent cleanup plans for debris removal. Then in August 2016 came the Great Flood. Eleven parishes were impacted, and LDEQ was once again in the thick of the response.

Brown had previously worked at LDEQ in the mid-2000s, serving as Assistant Secretary for Environmental Services. He oversaw the debris removal in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. That experience proved invaluable as the massive flood debris removal project in affected parishes was accomplished in record time.

Brown’s role as Waste Committee Chairman for the Environmental Council of States (ECOS) and his membership in the Leaders against Litter campaign play a part in ensuring that LDEQ maintains an active role in both state and national environmental leadership endeavors.

Prior to accepting the position as LDEQ secretary, Brown left his position as president and CEO of Brown and Associates, LLC, a firm specializing in the delivery of environmental services, governmental relations and issue management. He also left his position as vice president of the Metro Service Group, a New Orleans-based firm that consults in waste collection, vertical and horizontal construction and emergency response. Additionally, he left his position as President and Chief Operating Officer of Community Resource Services, a firm based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, that develops capacity and capabilities of local minority-owned businesses with the goal of enhancing their long-term viability. 

A native of Amite, Louisiana, Brown earned a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Southern Mississippi. He holds a Master of Public Administration from Southern University A&M College and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Policy/Environmental Policy from the Nelson Mandela School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Southern University A&M College in Baton Rouge.